Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Junk Journal for Jessica

It seems that everyone is making a junk journal since the Smash Book came out.  What is a smash book or a junk journal? When I was in high school, many, many moons ago, we made junk journals. But we didn't call them that. We called them scrapbooks. So different from the scrapbooks you see or make these days.
During my high school days, a scrapbook is exactly that - a notebook decorated with scraps of paper, pictures cut out from magazines, a torn page of a book, a few precious photographs, a greeting card, a small piece of paper with a message from someone who had a crush on you, a ticket stub, and anything else you could "smash" into that tiny notebook!

So here's Jessica, my husband's niece, who celebrated her birthday on January 1, who is in high school, and I am so absolutely sure she would love to have a junk journal... so I made her one and I called it Jessica's Junque Journal.

This journal is made up of different patterned papers, some new, and some from my old stash.

 These two pages are from a magazine.  I cut out the girl's face and put a tag behind it.
Jessica can cut out a picture of her face and put it there.

 I included a few journaling tags where Jessica can write
her thoughts for the day.

 A picture frame cut out from another magazine.
Jessica can insert her own picture behind the frame.

On the back page... a heat-embossed stamp for my
signature and date.

...and guess what.... Jessica absolutely loved it!!!!