Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Eggs-citement

After painting the eggs, Diego and Sarah went hunting for them. Hunting??! they're all spread out in the front and back yards... for lack of shrubbery at Xavier's new house.

Just like I said... the paper I used for the mat is one of my favorites, so I'm used it again....and oh, what fun to use the round frame for a basket. It was like an Easter egg hunt for me too, gathering the different eggs in this kit and putting them in the basket.

The other kids in this picture are Xavier's sisters and cousins. Xavier and family moved to California. Sarah and Diego went back to the Philippines. All the other kids live in the western suburbs... too far to go celebrate with them the following Easters after these pictures were taken. Ahhh... sweet memories...!

Supplies from Cay Creations

Friday, March 27, 2009

Take It from the Eggs-Perts

It's going to be Easter again. This year, there won't be any egg-hunting with kids. All the kids have grown up and are no longer really interested in coloring eggs and hunting for them. This year, I will just reminisce on Easters long gone.

As I was scanning negatives, I found these pictures in the computer. These were taken in 2005 when my sister, Lee, her kids, Diego and Sarah came to visit. It was fun to paint eggs once again!

This layout was put together using It's Easter Kit 1 by Cay Risholm. The yellow borders at the bottom and the journaling tag were made using two of the papers in the kit and two templates I made. The background paper is one of my favorites from this kit. I love the gridlines and the swirls. Fonts used: Chick, Quigley Wiggly, Bradley Hand ITC, and Vivaldi script.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Purple Is Your Pink

Christina's favorite color is purple, not pink! never pink!

Ever since she was a able to reach out for a toy, she always grabbed something purple. When we went to the mall, she'd zoom in to something purple. When out shopping for clothes, she'd pick out something purple.

Her clothes in these pictures look blue but they are really purple!

Cay Risholm's Pretty In Pink is really packed with fun! I enjoyed making the second LO so much, I want more! The stamped flowers with the green swirls made it so colorful! I cut a portion of the swirls and positioned them at different angles to give the LO more splash of green. I used one of the papers for my scalloped border. As for the fonts used for the title, I used the same alpha fonts that came with the kit, only I recolored them purple (from the purple bow) and pink (from the pink flower). I threaded the pink dotted ring through the brown ribbon. Perhaps I should have threaded 2 more..hmmm.... bright ideas just keep popping up! TFL!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Wherever they are... in the car, at home, during a party, you'll see them holding and fiddling with their phones. What is it with kids these days? They'd rather be texting than talking! Even my DD wants me to text her instead of phoning her. Thank goodness I have one of those phones with a keypad! I would have gone crazy if I didn't.

This is my first layout as one of the DT's for Cays Creation. This LO is made using Pretty in Pink kit. It was the easiest LO I've ever made.