Monday, March 31, 2008


I am so digitally hooked! In my line of work, I'm in front of the computer almost 6.5 hours a day. When I get home, after dinner, I am plopped in front of the TV "listening" to CSI while digitally scrapbooking pictures.

Here are a few I've made the last week.

Credits: PetaBoardman-Girls Wear Blue Too bg ppr, crumpled notebook ppr, paper used as background for the title, blue frame re-colored orange; AneczkaW- Flowers
Font: Rock It!

Credits: Anja John's kit Blogparty. flowers extracted from one of the bg pprs.
Font: Gigi

Credits: DaleAnnCubbage LittleDreamerDesigns; Font: Freestyle Script

Credits: Mrs B - LittleDreamerDesigns - Spring Romance kit and Wildflower doodle
Fonts - Edwardian Script and Times New Roman

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I've been tagged by Jill - well, nominated to be one of her 10 people who make her day! Thanks Jill.

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Thank you, ladies!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Above All

We sang this in church and it made my eyes well up.

Above all powers, above all kings, above all nature and all created things; above all wisdom and all the ways of man, you were here before the world began.

Crucified, laid behind the stone, you lived to die, rejected and alone. Like a rose trumpled on the ground, you took the fall and thought about me... above all.

Credits: Carrie Stephens - PrimaH copper foil heart; GinaMiller - PrimaH Firsts bg paper, overlay; Kim Christensen-PrimaH First Blush leaves, buttons
Fonts: Freestyle script & Deppressionist Three; crucifix downloaded from internet; Jesus painting

Friday, March 14, 2008

Now I know My Typing Speed

I know I type fast and without even looking at the screen and keyboard, just the document I'm copying. I type my emails, blogs, whatever... while watching TV. I don't know how fast I can go so I tried this.

76 words

Speed test

305 points, so you achieved position 153492 of 1091856 on the ranking listYou type 402 characters per minuteYou have 76 correct words andyou have 1 wrong words.

The incorrect word is "Indian" which I didn't get to capitalize.

I found this in . Thanks, Sandra.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby Pictures

I've been busy scrapbooking baby pictures of my DD and DS. I like digital scrapbooking because it is so versatile. Here's one that I created using materials from the Sunporch Kit by Amy Teets.

Who says with digital scrapbooking you are locked with just the available embellishments included in a kit?

In this LO I used copies of embellishments from the old scrapbooks I made for my DD. Years ago, I've never heard of "acid-free". So I used anything cute I could get my hands on. The teddy bear is from a gift wrapping paper. The stork is from a magazine ad.

I liked Amy Teets' kit so much I used it on 3 more LOs. On this page is another embellishment I cut out from a greeting card. It is also a copy of what I used in the original album.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

All Time Low

I don't know why they're called All Time Low. How could it be when the band is so popular with the kids? I made LOs of DD''s concert experience with 5 different bands on this one night.

Supplies used: Fiona Hugo's MimiLou KitFonts: Happy & Freestyle Script; created using PS8

Did I go overboard with the flowers and bling? I'm beginning to like overflowing my pages with these.

Supplies used: FionaHugo MimiLou Kit; Font - La Jolla ES; created using PS8

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cat's Meow

Here's another picture of Sgt. Pepper. So seldom do we get this view. I just love this cat. He is my shadow. He follows me everywhere. When I'm working on the computer he sits nearby. When I stand to go somewhere, he follows. He fell asleep under the computer desk while I was working on this LO.

Supplies used: K-Ology-Roam paper background; embellishments from Marlies Kieninger's Spring Time Mega Kit; fonts- Monotype Corsiva & Frosty; LO made using CS3ext.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Kilig to the Bones

I love Mia's challenge for KAYA! #11. Whooo-hooo! I had a chance to drop by this weekend to check out what's going on. When I saw what's up, I immediately set out to work! And here's the fun I whipped up in less than an hour!

Supplies used:

Kim Christensen: journaling stamp from Prima's Be Beautiful kit; butterfly from Prima Hybrid's First Blush; Diane Rigdon: ribbon with flowers from Prima Hybrid's Firsts; Meredith Fenwick: crisscross from Prima Hybrid's First Blush; Trish Jones - glitzstar and glitzswirl from Prima Hybrid's Firsts; Doris Castle: swirly brown bag background paper from Prima's Dreamsicle kit; Monica69: glitter circles; Graphic Jam Designs: blue, green, & orange FairyLights [used in the center of the Prima flowers]. Blue blings on the butterfly is also by Graphic Jam Designs.

I just have a blue background on my desktop, but this one, I uploaded. Drool...drool.... I better make an LO for my DH. He doesn't really mind. When it's time to watch Smallville, I always announce that nobody bother me for an hour because I have a meeting with Tom Welling. He'd sneak in and watch my facial expressions sometimes and tease me about it. I'd always assure him and say, "Don't worry, Honey, you are always my number one." To which he'd respond, "I know. Besides he can't come out of the TV screen." [hehehe]

Oh, here's one for my Honey.

For this LO I used the following: lace, blue mat, and butterfly from Peta M. Boardman's February Sample Bag "BlueBliss"; newspaper flower and background paper from Journals of Life; blue flowers from Good Ol' Years; Font: Cynthia Script.

I made a lot of copies of the blue flowers and scattered them all over the background paper in place of the yellow star-like prints. I re-sized the flowers in, I believe, 4 different sizes. Wow! there are 67 of those blue flowers! 67 layers all shrunk into one!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cat LOs

I just love the Prima kits I bought a few weeks back! It seems that I've been using them for most of the LOs I've been doing lately. Here are two more I made about our cat, Sgt. Pepper, using Prima's Twitter-Pattered Kit.

Sarge quietly sat by me while I was digi-scrapping. He patiently waited for me to get up. DH was able to take pictures of him watching me. Sarge is not afraid of the big camera [D80] because he knows it doesn't light up unlike mine. With mine, I always catch him with his eyes closed. He hates the flash.

Yes, flowers and bling (by Fiona Hugo) for a male cat. I don't think he'd care.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Turn About

I've never heard of Turn-About until my daughter had her first one 3 years ago. Turn-About is when the girls ask the boys to the [school] dance. This year's Turn-About photo shoot was held at home. We were all excited to try the new D80. DH set up the basement for the photo shoot. Kelly showed up first. She and DD Christina were the first models. When the rest of the gang showed up, we noticed that the photo shoot was kind of "stiff". So I told my DH we better leave them alone so they can have fun. Christina took the pictures using the remote. Everyone had fun. They were all excited about the "studio" setting with the umbrella lights and spotlights.

Here are a few LOs I made of the occasion.

Supplies used:
Michele Coleman's Wild Sorbet Kit;
Crumpled note by Peta Boardman's Girls Wear Blue Too;
Swirl by Scrapbook Flair;
Fonts: York Script and You Rook Marbelous
Supplies used:
A Little Bit of Nature by
Glitter Circles by Monica69
Font: Fiolex Girls

Supplies used:
A Little Bit of Nature by Lisa
Font: Rock It