Friday, February 27, 2015

New Furniture for Lala

I thought I'd make a bookshelf for Lala first.  Some place where I can put her perfume bottles for now.  This I made out of a cereal box.  I plan to paint it white and pink on the weekend.

I found some beads and tiny toys which I placed on the shelves. The green and pink box is a piece of scrapbooking paper.  That's where I stashed the sweet treats for now.

I found this cuckoo clock 3d sticker in my stash of stickers when I was looking for items I could use on Lala's wall.  I made a small box behind it so it would stick out more.  Perfect!  Now, if only I have a nice wall for Lala.  But that has to wait till the weekend.

The white lamp really works! I found it at the dollar store.  However, it fits Barbie's desk more than it fits Lala's floor.  Sorry, Lala.  I have to give it to Barbie.

I plan to fill the basket with flowers or balls of yarn.  I found some ideas on Pinterest, but for now, Lala's friend just wants to have fun in it!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Little Things for Lala

So...I found a picture of mini perfume bottles on the internet, zoomed it up close to see what they're made of and I thought to myself, those are pony beads!  My Lala would now have a collection of perfume bottles for her dresser!

On top of the pony beads are little round beads.  I think I'm going to make candles out of the pink cylindrical beads.  I also found tiny plastic flowers which I could use as another decoration for Lala's room.

I really have to dig out my stash of beads! What I have on my work table are mini albums that I've been making.  The beads were  put aside for a while and now I need them.  I have to organize my Kalat Room.

More to come!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sweet Treats for my Lala

One of the things I wanted to do since I was a little girl was to have a little doll with a little doll house with all the things a little doll would love to have! and I want to make them myself.

I have a collection of Barbie dolls but I don't have much space to make rooms for Barbie, so I chose a small doll, 3" Lalaloopsy.  I scrounged around the house and in my Kalat Room (kalat meaning, mess) for items I could use for the doll house.  I found beads, bottle caps, cereal boxes, bottles of craft paint.

I am just too excited I do not know which room to make first.  I found these puffy stickers from the dollar store and I thought this could be a Lala item!

I bought 2 sets of these stickers and I stuck two stickers that are of the same color, size, shape, back to back to make a whole.

So now, my happy little Lala has sweet treats to share with her friends!

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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Totally Radical

Here's a digital quick page by Lori Barnhurst called "Surfer Dude".  I had this for a few years and have re-discovered it in my files when I was backing them up.

This is a layout for my niece, Ysabella (the one on the left).  She's with her BFF here.

I added the green paper flower, the seahorse skeleton, and the seashells (which I downloaded from the internet); the swirl pearls are fromLaura Burger, the Cherish charm from A.Clegg which was a part of her Gazebo kit.  I tell yah.... these are really old files, some of which I got as freebies.  Thank you for the freebies, Ladies!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celebrate Ed

For hubby's birthday, I made a mini album and filled it up with pictures before I gave it to him. This gives him an idea of what all those papers in my craft room are for.

I titled the book "Celebrate" because all the pictures were taken from different points in time where we celebrated birthdays, Father's Day a graduation, Thanksgiving, a wedding....

The album is made of 6 pocket pages made of black cardstock; each pocket has a photo mat with one edge cut with a decorative edge punch.

Here's hubby in one of his birthday celebrations; and a picture of friends and relatives at the park celebrating the visit of my sister.

Above are memories of 2 father day celebrations.

4th of July celebration with a backyard barbecue!


Just chillaxin' in the backyard and in the park - celebrating ordinary days.

 A pocket tag filled with strips of 5 narrow tags where I wrote the 1 reasons why I love him.

Celebration of a my BFF's daughter's wedding at the city.

Thanksgiving celebration/preparation with family and friends.

A waterfall of our pictures

Hope you enjoyed viewing!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pocket Mini

I keep a close eye out for scrapbook paper sales at Michael's.  As soon as I see that their 50-pack black 11 x 8.5 cardstocks are on sale for 4 for $10, I'm off to get about 12 packs! I use these for mini albums such as the one below.

The album is made out of 6 pages, plus 1 cardstock for each pocket page, for photo mats. Not bad, I only use about 15 sheets of cardstock including the ones I used for pockets and little booklets and tags.  Of course, I could make about 3 half-sheet photo mats for each pocket and I think they will still fit.

For this album I used patterned paper by Colorbok which I bought at Walmart for $5.00 a stack.  The first pocket serves as the front cover.  Front cover is not decorated yet as I still don't know what this album will be all about.  

The flap covering the inner front cover is a sheet of cardstock scored n the middle.  half of it is in the pocket and the other half is what you see.

Below is what's under the flap.  Small pockets with tags in them add interest to a page.

Not all pages have been decorated with anything.  I really find it difficult to decorate a page without knowing which photos I will be adhering on them.

All patterned papers and journaling tags I used in this mini are leftovers from a previous project. Even the O'wires I used are leftovers which I just cut into pairs so I can make use of them.

The back cover is also a pocket page. Can't wait to get this mini decorated!

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