Thursday, October 30, 2008


This looks like Egypt is burning [tee-hee]. This is DD at a Halloween Party hosted by a friend. They had a bonfire to keep the bugs away and to keep them warm on this nifty Hallow Evening. I thought she's too old to go trick or treating. I completely forgot that this age group has something called "parties"!

This is my take on a PS challenge issued by Marix - the use of decorative edge on the layout. It can either be digital or traditional. I usually make digital layouts, but I have these cute embellishments for Fall and Halloween and I thought I'd play with them. It wasn't too bad. I like the outcome, not to mention I love the rich warm colors of Fall.

In addition to the layout, we were asked to make a card using the scraps from the page we made. As I was making the card, I thought to myself... I could have many cards made if I made at least one for each layout I complete! Wow! Perhaps I have to make that a habit. So that I don't get a box full of scraps that usually get filed in the "forgotten box". The other good thing is the brand names of supplies used are still fresh in my mind.