Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Album for Jaymie

I am making a wedding album for Jaymie, my husband's grandniece who lives in the Philippines. Here are a few pages I made.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I am one of Sarah's fans. I love her layouts and I see how she enjoyed those memories so much! I can see it on the pictures, on the journaling, and on her pages.

So here's Sarah.... organizing her room. In so doing, she is getting rid of some stuff. She is starting off with two RAKS!

To play, you have to…
  • Leave a comment with your favorite scrapbook brand… and for those of you who do not scrapbook, she is interested to know whether or not you have ever tried to scrapbook.
  • If you have a blog, post her giveaway on your blog for more players. If you do so, she will add your name in twice… but make sure to let her know that you shared it on your blog.
  • You have until Saturday (May 2), by 11:59 pm PST to play!

Conga, Conga, Conga...Hey!!

I'm doing the Conga... right behind me is Lee. So how far can we go?

Instructions are:
  • when you receive an invitation to join you add the image as a sidebar picture widget [which I didn't do because I don't know how to do it!]
  • then link the image to the one person who's blog you want to be next in line.


  • You can only join the line if you are invited-
  • You can only pass it on to one person-

So how long can we go??? Lets make the longest conga line in the world!! I'd like to see go all the way around the world and back [to the person who started it, or perhaps to me?]

Make sure you follow through until the person you invite has added it to their blog otherwise the chain will be broken and it won't work- If you receive an invitation and don't want to be in the line then kindly let the person know who sent it to you so they can invite someone else.

I think this goes also for one who already has received the invitation. Let the person who invited you know you've already been invited so the person can invite someone else? Since it says you can only pass it on to one person... if you are invited twice, would that be considered passing it on to two people??? Any comments on this? Anyone? anyone? anyone?

We are really excited to see where this will end up! I am passing this to.... Sarah de Guzman... come on down!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Into Her Secret Playground

Meet Hannah... my niece Erika's first born. Isn't she cute? and the collection in this kit from Digital Scrapbook Memories, In the Mood: Playful kit is full of fun things to do. I love colorful supplies such as these. I love to use flowers. There should be more of these of different varieties included in every digital kit out there. These give life to every layout, don't you agree?

Just playing. hmmm... how many traditional LOs have I done so far? Digital LOs are far easier to do, I think. No mess to put away either.

I've been back to digital scrapbooking lately. It's fast and easy. Yes, I can make fast and easy traditional layouts but nothing fast and easy and handy is comparable to digital scrapbooking.

Marj gave me 3 CDs of Digital Scrapbook Memories 2 birthdays ago. I haven't used any of them and I even haven't opened the other two. So the last few evenings I've been completing one or two digi layouts. TFL!

Monday, April 20, 2009

On to the Next Grade Level

I found this picture amongst my brother's documents. It's that of his daughter, Bianca-Marie. I asked to have a copy and made an LO instead of just saving it on a disc. Her picture is too beautiful not to share.

I wish Bianca good fortune and all things wonderful she'll find along the way.

Credits: Font: Tall Paul; Swirl: WeRMemoryKeepers; Stars: Kim Crothers [ScrapbookFlair]; Background paper, mat & flowers: Anne Langpap [ScrapbookFlair]; mat template: CraftFairy; Word Art [discover: maryann wise [bhg]


Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I saw a message from my niece Erika asking that I make scrapbook pages for her [again]. Said message was somehow lost in a big pile of unread messages. Hadn't I played catch up with reading my emails, deleting unimportant ones and filing the rest in folders, I wouldn't have seen that request.

I found this picture in her Friendster site. I had a perfect kit to use for it. Something about Mom and Me. However, just when I needed it, I couldn't find it!!!

I am happier with this kit I found in Scrapbook Flair. I've been a fan of Scrapbook Flair and it has been a long time since I visited them. The cleaning up of emails reminded me. This kit is called Whimsical Garden by Gigi. [Thanks much for sharing, Gigi!!!]

I thought I'd do an extraction this time to get rid of the "noisy" background. In place of a bee flying around, I used a butterfly which is also included in the kit. The font used for the title is called Pussycat. It came with my CS3ext. I cut the pink border in half and inserted the title in between. So Erika, my dear... how does your garden grow? I see that Hannah is growing beautifully every day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Once Upon A Time...

...not too long ago, there was a shy, quiet Princess who didn’t know what the future will bring.

She was known as Princess-Dream-A-Lot. She always day-dreamed all the wonderful things she could imagine, thinking, "why not"? If the dreams don’t come true, then at least in her imagination they did!

Soon enough Princess-Dream-A-Lot married Prince Forget-Me-Not. They lived in a castle in a kingdom far away. In due time the giggles and laughters of a young prince and princess filled their hearts with joy.

Princess-Dream-A-Lot saw all these in her dreams. She now knows that reality is far better than dreams.

The end...!

Well, not quite the end. Princess Dream-A-Lot still dreams a lot and is now also known as Princess Nag-A-Lot by the kids, Princess Scrap-A-Lot by her friends, and Princess Chat-A-Lot by her husband.

Parts of this layout is a sneak peek of what Cay has for us for May.

Supplies used: Cays Creations's Spring Blossoms : blue background with dainty embossing, the flower swirl stickers, and the yellow paper I used as a mat.

Ava & Lilly's Mommy [Scrapbook Flair] Spring Is In the Air blue mat and leaves.

CraftFairy: flowers and template used with the yellow paper from Spring Blossoms.

Font used: Vivaldi

..and yes, there is hidden journaling. It is a digital layout but it has hidden journaling.


My Own Blinkie!!!

Cay made me this personal blinkie and I just love it! It is just so perfect because it has a fairy on it and I love fairies!!!


At last, after several attempts I was able to post it on my blog. I found out what the problem was. When Cay emailed me the link there were spaces where shouldn't be. I've noticed the email carrier I use does that. When people attach a hyperlink in their emails I can't always open it because of unnecessary spaces that appear wherever.

I am so loving my blinkie. Thanks so much, Cay! I love you!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter one and all!!!

I will be celebrating mine with family and friends - just for eats right after church. The kids [or teens] slept over at Jessica's house, then we will all meet at Emy's house for a little gathering [I really mean idle gossiping]. The men.... well, they will be bored. So perhaps they will all go back home to sleep. The kids... they will be bored too if there is nothing to watch on TV and I don't think Emy has video games at her house. So the kids will probably spend time in the park across the street and do what kids love best or maybe hang out at Gurnee Mills. As for us women.... it's scrapbooking time, yeyyyyyyyy!!!!

Cay has templates available at her blog. One of them is a freebie! Thank you, Cay! Have a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life Springs Forth

All right...! this is my favorite layout of all layouts this year! I've never done something like this before where the embellies are larger than the picture...but isn't it just perfect? It seems that the trees, flower, and the bush [yeah, the small tree is a bush] are part of my backyard!

This is from Cay's second It's Easter Kit. Told ya it's full of awesomeness! I enjoyed making this layout so much. I re-sized and re-colored the flowers to have colorful ones, I colored some of the leaves on the bush. With the use of one of the papers in this kit, I made a border using a template I made. I just love it!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

These are the 2 kits from which I made my new layouts. Cay has them available in her blog. There are so many beautiful pieces in them. I had fun making my layouts . Check out the trees and the birdies! They are so awesome! Well, not just them trees and birdies...! Check out everything. She's got cool papers and other embellies which you can mix and match!

Monday, April 06, 2009


If I loved Cay's first It's Easter kit, I love the second one even more! Everything in this kit is just awesome!

My first LO using this kit is about renewal.

Journaling: There's this side of Easter that some people forget about. It's not just about bunnies and chicks and chocolates and such. It is the forgiveness of sins and renewal of life!

The pictures were taken during Jessica's Easter confirmation. She chose St. Christina as her patron saint and my daughter Christina as her sponsor. Frances Cardinal George, 8th Archbishop of Chicago officiated the Sacrament.

Friday, April 03, 2009

So Grown Up

They are so grown up now.  Especially DD, what with her attire; so very professional-looking. 

These pictures were taken during Jessica's confirmation on March 29, 2009.  Cardinal Francis George officiated the confirmation.  Jessica chose Christina to be her sponsor.

Credits: bg pp - from DCWV luxury pack; circle lace template -CraftFairy1; Fonts: Pristina, Tunga, Ravie; all other embellishments - Scrapbook Flair's Nayan-Dream of Spring Collection; layout scraplifted from Sarah de Guzman