Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Part of the Tree

This is my entry to the "'Tis the Season: A Photo Journal Challenge" by friends at Bookoto.com

Our normal holiday season routine is making a list of material things we want for Christmas, picking out a tag or two from the Angel tree at church or from a shopping mall, then shopping for gifts and groceries for the holiday meal we share with others. After all the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping, cooking, and cleaning is the spiritual wishes we make at church; after church is taking pictures by the Christmas tree.

Taking pictures by the tree has been a family tradition since we were kids and we carried on with our own kids. Year by year, we’ve taken photographs of us with the tree behind or beside us. Whether or not presents over-flowed under the tree, the Christmas tree is the focal point where we all gather with hugs, kisses, well wishes, thank yous, laughter and sharing. This family picture is the most important event for us. It signifies our closeness and the love we have for each other.

The tree has been a part of us every Christmas season. This year, instead of making the tree a part of us, we made us a part of the tree.

Happy holidays, everyone, may they be merry and bright!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Doll

Once upon a time, there was a craft fairy who had the time and energy to make crafts such as this doll:

How it's made:

I used a 4x4 piece of wood, about 7 inches tall as the doll's body. I glued this on a another piece of wood, about 3" in diameter and 1/4" thick. This was the base. I used a scrap of red material (a remnant of DD's Christmas dress which I sewed years ago when she was over a year old. Whew! Talk about a pack-rat!). I used running stitches (hand sewn, as I was too lazy to bring out the sewing machine) on one end of this material and pulled it together to make the neckline. I used a round wooden ball for the head. I couldn't find one that has a pre-painted face on it, luckily Michael's has these doll face rub-ons which I used for the face. I cut several strings of brown raggedy yarn, tied all strings in the middle and glued this on the top center of the head. I arranged the strands and glued some pieces to the wood to cover the head. A piece of gold and red bows (from a gift package) was glued on the head.

Then I glued the head on top of the body in an angle to make it look like the doll is lovingly looking at you.

I made the arms by sewing a piece of narrow scrap along its long edges, used some white stuffing, cut the edges of a popsicle stick and used these as hands, glued the hands on one end of the arm, glued the white lace around the wrists, glued the other end of the arm on the shoulders, glued a piece of white lace around the neck to cover the neck and edges of the upper arm, glued the back of the dress together, and glued another piece of white lace at the bottom of the dress. (whew!) There's a lot of glueing. I made the little gift box (out of a jewelry box) and glued this to the hands. The doll was supposed to be an angel. I put off making the wings...and never did get to do it. It looks cute as it is, though!

So here it is.. the first thing guests see as they enter the front door.

And oh... the tree is store-bought which I decorated with whatever small ornaments I could find. TFS

Supplies used: wood scraps, wooden ball, fluffy brown yard, red & gold ribbons, white lace, red remnants, popsicle stick, face rub-on, timy jewelry box and scrap of gift wrap, hot glue gun.

Monday, December 08, 2008

You Never Promised Me a Rose Garden

It was a simple marriage ceremony. We led a simple life. It would have remained simple and sweet had we not had our first child. That was when DH started thinking more of a good and stable future. We were not able to find it back home so we had to go farther out on the other side of the fence.

It was a big change, a big challenge, a completely new life and culture. It was very difficult the first few years. My DH... he never promised me a good life, but he gave me a great one!

Another one of Marj's challenge for November - distressing. It was night time when I took the picture. I used a fluorescent light which showed the depth of my layout.

Close-up of the journaling and one of the flowers I made by cutting a circle, wetting it on the edges and curling the edges inwards. I distressed the edges with Chestnut Roan fluid chalk and inserted a paper flower in the center.

Supplies used: background paper, mat and cut out flowers [the Paper Studio/Della Fantasia collection]; brown patterned cardstock [DCWV/Butterflies and Blooms]; pink & dark pink bling [Rhinestone Stickers]; inks [Color Box/pigment copper and chestnut roan fluid chalk]; silk flowers [Michael's]; foam squares [Miss Elizabeth]; journaling tag [Making Memories /{Note} Worthy

Friday, December 05, 2008

You Called It Home

Home is where the fun is.

Ever since we moved to the USA, we made several apartment buildings our home. A year after Christina was born, we rented my SIL's basement. It was an English style basement. It has a sliding door that led to a short stairway and into the backyard. Christina just loved the outdoors. The fenced-in backyard gave her the opportunity to play safely in the open space. During that time I worked at a company which manufactured leisure products such as slumber bags and playhouses [tent-like]. With employee discount, I was able to purchase one Barbie playhouse. Then there was another one that was used in a photo shoot for advertising which was given to me by one of my supervisors. I had those set up in the backyard. Christina and her cousins had fun playing house, pretending to be neighbors, or turning one of the playhouses into a shopping store. Their imagination was endless! And so was Christina's wish for DH to build her a tree house. DH promised her that when have our own house and yard he would. So here it is....

Several years later, one summer DS and DH built this house from scratch (no, this is not a kit). DH made drawings and measurements; he started cutting out the materials for the posts, the roof, the doors, the windows, etc. With the help of DS the house took shape.

Of course, the Christina and her cousins who visited often were very excited to see the house and their imaginations and plans took shape. Christina chose the colors - milky white, pink and her favorite color, purple! She even helped paint it.

The house is 6' high from the center of the room on the top floor. DH built the ground floor by putting up a lattice fence on 3 sides and putting in wooden floors. When we had summer backyard bbqs, the kids would dine underneath the house. Upstairs is a room that would fit 3 adults [my size (^.^)]! There was a bookshelf filled with books, little toys adorned the walls, I put up a wreath above the front door, and there is a "home tweet home" hanger by one of the windows. There are plexi glass walls on both sides of the front door to let in more light. The door was taken out after a little accident with someone's fingers. The spindles used to decorate the front porch were made in the Philippines! Oh yes, I brought those back with me when Christina was only less than a year old, with plans to use them in building book shelves. The roof is made of real roof material to protect everything against the weather.

The house is complete with a little green mailbox! I remember one time, Christina came up to me with a sad face. She expressed concern that the mailman does not see her mailbox that's why she doesn't get any letters. Doh! How could I forget that. There were times that I would sneak in the back and put all the junk mail in her mailbox. She was happy as a lark when she opened her mail!

The house was finished in time for Christina's birthday. We had pre-schoolers crawling all over it, although the plan was not to have the party outside because it was a cold October day. They saw it from the main house, opened the back door and out went the goblins and witches and fairies [it was a halloween b-day party!].
People who visited couldn't resist not having their picture taken by the playhouse. The following summer, DH added a regular stairway so the little kids could go up and down the steps safely. He also added a back porch so there'd be more room.
The last two pictures on the second page is of Christina when she was 13 years old. I took lots of pictures of her in and around this house. That was the year when we moved to another city. It was sad to leave this house she called home. But we know that it will make another kid as happy as Christina was!
Supplies used: Papers and cutouts [the Paper Studio]; birthstone gem stickers blue zircon [Martha Stewart]; flowers [Prima]; heart charm [Blue Moon Beads]; fluid chalk Chestnut Roan [ColorBox]; journaling tag [Making Memories]; foam squares [Miss Elizabeth]; chipboard alpha [ChipChatter/Pressed Petals]

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Pocketful of Dreams

This mini is about my dreams and wishes and hopes since I was a little girl. I will be adding pages to it as a dream comes true. I will also make a page about dreams that never came to be.

I first made this mini just for myself. Then came the PS challenge about making a mini book. It gave me the motivation to finish more pages. When I saw Bookoto's Show Me the Mini, I thought...hmmm... why not. It might not be the same style as Ali Edward's because of the lack of journaling but I thought the pictures and my mini journaling will tell the story.

I am so lucky that most of my childhood dreams have come true. Not all of them yet, but most. I am truly lucky.

This is me, the Dreamer. Always day dreaming. In fact, that was my nickname in HS. Miss Day Dreamer.

This page says it all about my first crush and first love. Behind the journaling tag which opens to the left is a picture of that guy and me. I had this huge crush on the boy next door. But he didn't pay attention to me. He avoided me like the plague! Whenever he's out there on the sidewalk and sees me come out of our front gate, he goes back in their house. If I chance to meet him on the street, he'd either cross the street or turn around just to avoid me.

So here's that guy who's the reason for the teardrops on my school books [bwahahaha! sounds like the song "...you're the reason for the tear drops on my guitar"]. I had a crush on him when I was in the 4th grade. There he was on stage singing "We Three Kings" with two other "kings". I was hiding behind a classmate because he might see me staring at him and decide to not finish his part of the program, turn around, and hide.
I had the biggest crush on him [still] when I was in high school. When all my HS friends were talking about their crushes guys they say are to die for, I was the silent one. In my mind, wishing I could talk about him.

My true love and I never did talk to each other. I thought it would be different when I went away to college. Perhaps he'd miss me and send me letters. Valentine cards? uh.... birthday cards?.... uh, I'll settle for Christmas cards?... no...?

To my surprise, 3 days short of turning 23 he asked my mom if he could take me out for lunch on my birthday. I didn't know this until the day before. My mom asked me where we were both going to celebrate my birthday. Yup! for the first time in 23 years, he talked to me.

You see, we were neighbors since we were born. I know all of his relatives as he knows mine. He says he never talked to me then because he was always teased by his older siblings. Ah! so it's my fault. I am the reason why he never talked to me and why he avoided me.

The first dream
We got married 2 years later on the first of May. It was a simple wedding. My only regret on that day was that in all the excitement, no one thought of hiring a professional photographer. I only have 12 shots of our wedding day [boo-hoo-hooo...]. His hand around my shoulder, he now comforts me and says, "that's OK. We have all the wonderful and happy pictures/memories in the world". Yes, I agree. Better than those who have the most expensive wedding gowns, and biggest diamond rings, several albums full of wedding pictures + videos to show off, then yell and fight most of the time and eventually get separated after a few years, I am indeed lucky!

The second dream
This is Lennart, our first born. There were no ultrasounds yet during the time I was pregnant with him. I didn't know if I was going to have a girl or a boy but we did prepare two names: Lennart Nillson and April Ann. After 2 days of labor pains, I had a C-Section. The last thing I remember, the anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted a boy or a girl. I said, "boy." He turned around and said, "You heard that, Dr. Zamora? You have to deliver a boy!"

I knew it in my heart that I have a boy. It broke my heart when we have to leave for the USA without him. It was a great sacrifice but we were thinking of his future. Sometime I wonder what life would be had we not left the Philippines.

He is Philippine-grown. He takes your hand and kisses it to ask for blessing. He says "po", and "opo". He doesn't talk back much as he wants to defend or express himself. I didn't see my son grow and missed a lot of his milestones. I still wonder, the move we made...was it all worth it?

The third dream
This is Christina, the girl I wished for! My very own baby doll! We waited a long time for her to come along. Papa's princess; my excuse to buy girly stuff and lots [and I mean lots!] of dolls!

And here she is, a senior in HS. Fiesty and sassy. But deep within a good kid who is ready for college life.

The fourth dream
Every wife's big dream is a house she'd call their own. After several years of moving from one apartment building to another, we purchased our first single family home. It was old and who knows how many families have lived there before us. It took years before we were able to have our first home, built from the ground up. I hope for us to grow old and share this same home together with kids and grand kids for a long time!
Thirty-one years of being married to my first crush, my first love! Thirty one years and it gets better every year!

Supplies used: border puncher used is Fiskar's Sunburst; background paper by K Ology; cut-outs from various patterned papers by DCWV [complete list to follow]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pieces of Me - Challenge #19-2

This picture was taken during our trip to Toronto. No wonder the kids were quiet. I turned around and this is what I saw! Thank goodness for Marj's challenge I was able to come up with an idea of how to put this on paper! This challenge is all about the use of negative space. I love how this turned out. I would love to keep this as my own style but that would cost me lots of albums [LOL!] I already have a huge back log of unmounted pictures, and what I'd really want to do right now is cram them all on a few pages just to get done!

But that won't be any fun now, would it?

These are pieces of me, born 12 years apart. Looking at them now, it seems DD has caught up in maturity with her big brother. I am so proud of these kids!

The crocheted doily gave the layout a dreamy look. I have to start making smaller crocheted flowers to use. There was a time I crafted lots of bead bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. I have so many left-over beads that I want to incorporate into my layouts. I like how this turned out. Perhaps there will be more beads used in the future! It will be fun for my kids and their kids to look at my layouts and talk not just about the pictures but also how I crafted the embellishments I used!

Supplies used: Background paper [Basic Grey's Granola]; strips of paper [Basic Grey's 8x8 Boxer pad]; crocheted doily, flower [Prima], journaling tag [Making Memories' Note Worthy], rhinestone stickers, glass beads [Bead Gallery], hemp cord [Jewelry Design], journal tag [My Mind's Eye Laundry Line]; thicker foam dots used under the photo [United Manufacturer's Supplies]; thinner foam squares used on the title [Miss Elizabeth]; permanent orange marker [Bic].

Monday, November 10, 2008

Marj's Challenge #19-1

Marj came up with this idea of challenging PS members to make one traditional layout a week for the month of November. I thought...whoa! that is too much! But I am loving it. It forces me to make more traditional pages.

The first challenge is to use a big bow. I've seen Marj's layouts using big bows. They are beautiful. That's coz Marj artwork is always awesome. I don't know what a big bow would look like on my page. Also I couldn't find any ribbons that are more than 1.3" in width except for this holiday ribbon so I was forced to make a Christmas layout. I found this picture of DD with a big red sash and bow around her waist. The big bow challenge was a perfect fit!

I wasn't too happy about this layout after it was done. I tried too hard to balance everything on the page. I wanted the break [the line of punched borders] lower but I made a mistake cutting the paper and I don't have duplicate copies of the sheets. Oh, well.... Next time will be better.

Supplies used: Lace border punch [Martha Stewart]; papers, swirls, tag, and flower [Me & My Big Ideas Christmas specialty pack]; liquid glue [Scotch]; foam dots [Sticky Doos]; sticky bling [Claire's Boutique]; journaling tag [Blue Awning by K&Co]; Child of Mine mini tag [Sharon Ann/Deja Views]; holiday ribbon [Michael's Arts & Crafts Store]

Thursday, October 30, 2008


This looks like Egypt is burning [tee-hee]. This is DD at a Halloween Party hosted by a friend. They had a bonfire to keep the bugs away and to keep them warm on this nifty Hallow Evening. I thought she's too old to go trick or treating. I completely forgot that this age group has something called "parties"!

This is my take on a PS challenge issued by Marix - the use of decorative edge on the layout. It can either be digital or traditional. I usually make digital layouts, but I have these cute embellishments for Fall and Halloween and I thought I'd play with them. It wasn't too bad. I like the outcome, not to mention I love the rich warm colors of Fall.

In addition to the layout, we were asked to make a card using the scraps from the page we made. As I was making the card, I thought to myself... I could have many cards made if I made at least one for each layout I complete! Wow! Perhaps I have to make that a habit. So that I don't get a box full of scraps that usually get filed in the "forgotten box". The other good thing is the brand names of supplies used are still fresh in my mind.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Mama's Shoes

Marian's PS challenge is to create a mini book. I've never done one before although working on small things like tags and cards [and perhaps] a mini book is something I love to do and enjoy doing! My problem with mini books is storage. They would be too tiny to put on the shelves along with the bigger albums. I would have to adjust the shelves to make a special place for them. There would be sooo many little albums lying around for people to pull and view and left cluttered on tables, chairs, or on the floor. If we decide to move [again] they will occupy a lot of boxes to be carried out. There is a possibility of a few getting lost; or a box of them getting tossed out [argh! it has happened before , no, not with photo albums, but other records and unmounted pictures].

But it's a challenge so I made one. This Mini Book about my DD is not the original one I made for this challenge. I saw another challenge about a mini so I decided to save the first mini for the other challenge and quickly whipped this one up.

This is DD when she was over a year-old. She loves to wear our shoes. Of course, since DH's shoes are bigger and heavier, she'd wear mine. There was a picture of her wearing my heels too but at the time I was rushing to complete this mini I couldn't find that one so I used this one instead.

Truly, this proves the saying "Monkey see, Monkey do". So be careful with what you do [and say] when little mini yous are around. My little princess painting her TOES! Yes, toes... how can a 2-year old paint just the toe nails?

The thing I love about this picture are her pig tails. DD was born with thick black hair which fell out every time she got a bath. She ended up with fine brownish hair that took forever to grow! We were both excited [she, especially] when I was able to pull together a handful of strands into 2 tiny pig tails!

Ahhhh...! the fur coat! I remember buying some faux fur remnants at JoAnn's to make into teddy bears. But when we went to the Philippines for a visit when DD was 6 months old, I decided to have a fur coat made for her. It took a few more years before she could wear it. I should have bought white fur!

Driving away in a little red Mercedes convertible, which matched our little red Subaru. It was Spring, a little chilly outside but she couldn't wait to drive away.

How antique is this?!!! This is like the first lap top I've seen! She was so mesmerized to see the letters pop up on the screen. If you are wondering about the title for this page, it says, "IYQ"

Come on, say it fast 3 times in a row. Get it? Awwww..... IYQ2 !!!

Little munchkin found the calculator and highlighter. Couldn't decide which one to use first. She must have seen me do something like this!

DD was so excited about this new toy! So whenever I iron the clothes she plays with this. I believe in toys that make kids mimic grown ups. It is a preparation for when they become adults!

My baby doll nursing her baby doll...how cute is that???

I've always wondered what made her pick up the broom and do this. She seemed so intent on getting the job done!

Ah...! my favorite. Really just like me...

The END! TFL!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Twinkle In Your Eyes

My sister, Lee bought a stack of DCWV Blooms and Butterflies, which I totally LOVE!!! The colors are pretty and the designs are awesome! I commented that they are so deliciously beautiful I just want to cut out the flowers and butterflies! She said I can have half of the stack [meaning, one of each unique page]. Wow! I didn't give her enough time to change her mind. I tore out one of each duplicate page and started cutting out the flowers, butterflies, and diamond designs. I even brought out my Cricut to cut out some alpha and swirls.

I placed some of the cutouts on top of my work table, it just happened there was a black cardstock there and the bright colors looked to beautiful on the black background!

Here's what I came up with.

Journaling: I love how your eyes twinkle when you smile. They're full of happiness and contentment, of love and admiration. We wish you all the reasons that will keep you smiling like this.

Thanks for sharing, Lee. I did find a stack of DCWV's Blooms and Butterflies at Jo-Ann's and replaced this with your stack. You might want to have 2 sheets of each design after you see how beautiful they are!

Supplies used: Foam dots, assorted bling, Cricut to cut out the swirls and the embellishment on the left; Doodlebug border swirls, Prima flowers, pink pen to add the doodles to the diamond borders.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cookie's PS Challenge

I wanted to make an altered clock to join Cookie's August challenge. My plan was to make a square one - out of a 12x12 layout... with the clock in one corner - a smaller clock. I have this small mantel clock that hasn't ticked for months now because the battery size is so odd I keep forgetting to buy one as it is not one of the sizes that's on display at the check-out lines. I just thought the clock doesn't have to be round and of the same size as the other contestants'. I wanted mine to be different so I can put it up on the wall. I can perhaps ask DH to frame it for me.

The layout I would use is something about remembering me and the love I have for my family throughout time. Perhaps, that altered wall clock will stay on someone's wall to remind them of me long after I'm gone. But I am not going to make my intention that obvious.

The tiny clock didn't work as its casing was glued to its crystal frame. So the next plan was to go to Michael's and buy a new one - just the clock parts. My sister, Lee, however, reminded me it has to be a complete, working clock in order for it to be altered.

I looked around the room. There on the shelf is a round clock with green, brown, black, reddish-colored patterned frame. It has a matching 12x11 photo frame. I didn't want to separate the pair. I stared at the clock for hours...for days...[not continuously, of course, only when I am in my Kalat Room]. I have to revise the planned layout. How on earth can I make a clock with a patterned frame look good with a patterned face???! It won't go!

I really don't want to miss another PS challenge. OK...this is really getting to be a challenge... finding the perfect clock with a perfectly matching layout!

I took the clock down turned it over and I couldn't find screws or any openings in the back! I found out after several hours I have to pry open the plastic face cover! I hope I don't break it.

After several hours [again] of being careful to take out the plastic face, I succeeded [OK...by this time I still don't have a planned LO in mind!] I took out the battery, then carefully lifted up the round thing that held the hands together. It won't budge! It felt springy. After several tries, it seems this is not the kind that I can take apart so I gave up for fear of ruining a perfectly operating wall clock with a matching photo frame!

I ran out of time.... for the challenge..... [sigh....]

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Best Friends

I took out a lot of pictures from old magnetic photo albums and stashed them in a shoebox...until I have time to post them on scrapbook pages. Since most of the pictures I have of my DD were taken before I even heard of a digital camera, most of the pictures were dark, not too clear, size 4R, not to mention, fading because of the acid from the glue used in the photo albums.

These brought back memories, the instant I saw them. It was just like yesterday... Christina had her baby-check-up, the pediatrician suggested to start shopping around for a dentist, and in the mean time, brush her teeth.

Hmmm... that wasn't a bad idea, why not let the baby play with the toothbrush and perhaps in the process her teeth will get cleaned somehow. So one hot August day I opened a brand-new toothbrush package for Christina and gave it to her. She didn't know what to make of it at first, so we "demonstrated". Soon she caught on, she liked it, and enjoyed it.

I was taking pictures of her first toothbrush encounter when Stephanie and her mom came by for a surprise visit. Christina usually would forget anything and everything she's doing when she sees Stephanie but on this particular moment, she was engrossed in brushing her teeth.

Stephanie sat by her, eyeing the toothbrush, tried to take it away but didn't succeed, but she was intent and it seemed in the pictures that she effortlessly picked the toothbrush out of Christina's hands and as soon as she got her hands on that toothbrush, straight to her mouth it went! Christina cried bloody murder! We tried to bribe her with a toy, which she in turn used to bribe Stephanie, but it wasn't successful. In the end, Stephanie lost interest on the toothbrush so Christina got it back. This was their first fight, at less than a year-old! I do not recall them having another "fight" about anything else. They were always kissing and hugging whenever they saw each other.

Supplies used in the traditional LO: Nana's Nursery, K-Ology Berry Sweet paper, orange cardstock, foam used to give the cut-out flowers and title some dimension, Cricut Expression to cut the title.

Credits for the digital LO: jewel flowers by Mrs. Schmuck [Younique Photos], I don't remember where I got the papers from.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rock Star

These are some LOs I made sometime ago using DCWV's Rock Star sheets. The flowers I cut out from various sheets I bought as an open stock at a scrapbook supply store.

I caught Christina playing her guitar and singing in the loft. I've always asked her to pose with her guitar for me but she'd always say she's not in the mood.
She has a great singing voice. Buti na lang di nagmana sa akin [heheheh].

I used some bling in the LO below. The black ribbon-like thing I placed below the pictures is a plastic lace with white bling in each square. I found this at my favorite craft store where it was sold by the yard!

These pictures were taken last Thanksgiving. The delos Reyes girls spent the night at home for a big "after Thanksgiving" shopping the following morning. That night, they had fun taking pictures of themselves with the D80 with the use of the remote control. What a cool gadget. Gotta try that one day when there is no one at home but me and Sgt. Pepper! I could have fun clicking away then hiding all the pictures in a secret file nobody knows about.

Here, both Christina and Jessica were pretending to be fashion models - which they always wanted to try out for. At first I didn't know what to do with that sheet with the big half-a-guitar print on it. So I cut out the guitar and the swirls, added cut out flowers which I've been saving in boxes. I had fun making this LO.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Card For Natasa

Natasa [pronounced Natasha] is leaving. She found a better opportunity at the University of Southern Florida. Tomorrow, both of us will go to Gurnee Mills just to walk around, get something to eat, and gossip [hahahah!].
I made her a card, which I rushed to finish in less than an hour. I spent more time thinking of how to make an envelope.

Supplies used: Fiskars All-a-Fleur embossing puncher, K&Co Happy Trails 2 patterned cardstock, prima flowers, American Traditional Designs "Life's A Beach" charm; EK Success fiber, DCWV mat stack, Joann's Scrap Essentials alpha punchers.

I purposely left the card blank so everyone can sign their best wishes.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Invitation / Announcement Cards

June is a very busy month. Lots of parties: graduation, baptismal, birthdays, weddings, backyard barbeques, just a lot of get-togethers. We didn't have weddings to attend to, but people we know might have been invited to one. That is why DH's graduation party won't happen until July 5.
I made some invitations using scraps. I made a lot of cards, half of which are announcements that DH is going off to college and soon we will be empty nesters. My cards were made of 3 pages. I didn't have time to make the pages into a mini album. There was no time. I had to send out the invitations right away, otherwise, I might lose the spot - as I said, lots of get-togethers are happening now that Summer is here.

Front cover of card is DH's picture when she was a year old. I used Photoshop to cut the cap from one picture and pasted it on this picture.

Second page is a picture of her during her tandem sky-diving experience. I wanted to depict she's off to college and what better way to show it. It will also be an exciting topic when people who didn't know about her adventure will get to see this picture.
The last page, inside back cover is a picture of DH. Sorry, I had to blur some information on the invitation. I wanted to put some small prima flowers and a little bit more color but there just wasn't any time.

Supplies used: scraps of DCWV papers, EK success corner puncher, Fiskars Doodle embossing puncher, yellow dotted ribbon from Michael's, "C" monogram made with the use of Cricut, foam dots.