Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Visit by Pinkee

My youngest sister, Pinkee will be visiting in a few days.  I cannot wait for the day when we go pick her up at the airport (though I don't really wish the days to go zoom by, I just couldn't help it!).  I haven't seen my sister since January 2010.  Time really flies!  So everyday at the office,  I am now the one who says, "can we go home now?", like almost every time I complete one thing.

Pinkee will stay with us for 2 weeks only.  I wish it were a month, at least! [Sigh]  It will be very difficult to see her leave when the time comes.  I took Fridays and Mondays off so I will have long weekends with Pinkee. Besides, in consideration for my officemates, I have to be with them especially on Wednesdays, the busiest day of the week.

So... the plans I have for Pinkee:  take her to Michael's, to Jo-Ann's, to Hobby Lobby, to the Royal Buffet in Schaumburg, to the Botanic Garden, to The Bean (downtown Chicago), have a backyard bbq for an early birthday celebration, have her organize my Kalat Room, make lots of scrapbook pages, catch up with what's going on with the rest of the family in the Philippines.

There will be lots of things to talk about and do!

Friday, May 04, 2012

A Mini Album by Nancy and Me

Nancy asked me if I could show her how to make mini albums. Nancy is a crafter.  She makes jewelry, sews, quilts, scrapbooks, cooks, bakes...! She wanted to make some minis for her daughters for Mother's Day and a baby girl album for her step-grand daughter.  We shopped together for paper and embellishments and planned to do our scrapbooking together during our lunch break.

Nancy did all the cutting (chipboard and patterned paper) and painted the edges of the album pink. I did the tags and photo mats.

I helped put the album together as Nancy ran out of time.  I took everything home and worked on it Wednesday night from after dinner to 12:00 midnight.

Paper used is by Colorbok.  Nancy bought the stickers, I provided the Recollections flowers and bling and the ribbons.

 I glued a butterfly cut-out from another patterned paper and instructed Nancy to sign next to it.

 The album is made up of 6 pieces of 8 x 8 chipboard.

 I made the photo corners using strips of paper and folding them into tiny triangular pockets.
The white photo mats are there to let Nancy's step daughter know the placement of the 6x4 photos.  She can take these out and replace them with the baby's photographcs.

This page has a pocket cut out from one of the patterned papers.  The pocket holds two journaling tags (which can be used to adhere smaller photos) and a bi-fold photo mat for 4 more photos.  The tag holders are made using Martha Stewart's butterfly puncher.

This is another photomat that opens up to reveal two more places for photographs (see below). 

  I did not glue the entire mat on the page so I can insert another journaling tag behind it.

Between each 8 x 8 page is a 4x8 piece of chipboard which was covered the same way the bigger pieces were.  On this one, I adhered the tag in such a way that it created a pocket for another tag.

 Just a simple page with a photo mat.

 Another photo mat that would  reveal 2 more pictures inside (see below).

I placed a bi-fold photo mat on one of the narrow pages.  I did not glue it entirely on the page so a tag could peek out of it.

 I covered up an envelope with patterned paper from the same stack.  Nancy's step daughter can keep more pictures in it, or perhaps write a letter to her baby girl.

 This is the envelope which I adhered on 3 sides only so it will serve as a pocket for 2 tags.

 Nancy made this page and she is so proud of it!

 She decorated this page also. The photo mat also opens up (see below).

 This photo mat opens to the left (see below).

....and here's the last page!  I had fun making this.  It was difficult to let go of it, but I had to :)
And for helping Nancy with this mini, she will make me one of her quilted Christmas stockings!

Thanks for looking.