Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Mini for Father's Day

What shall I give my hubby for Father's Day? Can't get him any clothing, he'd rather choose his own. He's somewhat picky with his colors and the feeling of the material against his skin.

He's into photography, which I don't know anything about it and for a couple of Father's Day now I've been saying, "get yourself something for your photography supplies on Amazon".  It is so different if I hand him something I bought that he has no idea about.

This year, I made him a mini album. I meant for the mini to house pictures of just the two of us.

The paper I used is a Deja Views 8x8 mini stack.

 I think I recycled 10 business envelopes.  I love the simplicity of the design - what a wonderful world.

 Each envelope serves as a pocket for more photo mats.

 Sample pictures that I included in this mini just to show placement of photos.

 I bound the pages using my Zutter bind-it-all

 I just added my daughter's picture to show that this is a frame and a photo can be inserted from the top.

 Little tags within little pockets

Fin.... the end.  I just love this part and I hate to cover it up with anything else!
The design was inspired by Marion Smith.