Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Now There're Three

Christina and Stephanie always dressed alike.  When Stephanie came to visit, Christina would dig up clothes that were similar with what Steph wore.  Here Stephanie is wearing a set of Christina's clothes.  Nikka, Steph's younger sister wanted to dress just like them, too.  Luckily for her, Christina had another denim dress and purple shirt which she outgrew.

I love the purple butterfli I bought in the Philippines during my visit earlier this year. I wish I bought more! I just got about 8 different colors.


Monday, August 02, 2010


I just love this picture of 33-month old DS.  In all of the the pictures taken of him at this time, he was holding a greeting card.  He must have felt very special to receive a big one from us.  It was like a very important treasure.  It went wherever he went.

When I make a layout, I just keep on going, picking out the pieces from different ziploc bags until I am satisfied with what I have. I didn't have time to jot down the different scrapbooking supplies I used; nor will I have time to do so in the future. Mine is just to cut and glue and be happy I'm done with a page.



Sunday, August 01, 2010


These are baby pictures of DD when she was a couple of months old.  DS and I looked for a baby hammock - something that we used to put little children in and swing them to sleep.  We had those when we were kids back home in the Philippines.  They were made of woven rattan.  We couldn't find any within the Chicago area, so DS came up with this idea to tie each side of a baby carrier with a sturdy rope and hung each on the walls across the room.  So there was this baby carrier suspended in the middle of the dining room in our apartment building.

DD loved it!  She would be comfortably asleep a few minutes after we put her in it.

When DD's awake, she talks to her Disney mobile friends and tries to reach out to grab them.  After sometime wriggling and gurgling in her make-shift hammock, not being able to reach the mobile above her, she starts to get impatient.  That's the end of being in the hammock for her! Time to be in Mama's arms!

These are flowers I cut from a patterned DCWV paper.  I applied glitter glue and that made them look fancy.  The leaves were stamped and cut out.  I crocheted the tiny pink flowers which I adhered in the center of the green cutouts.  I then sewed pink pearls in the center of the crocheted flowers.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Pledge of Love

I enjoyed making a few traditional scrapbook pages for a wedding album and this is one of my favorites.  After making as many pages as I could I took pictures so I would remember what they look like before I shipped them out.

this particular page was digitally enhanced. I downloaded pictures online from the bride's website and added them on this page using Photoshop. Scrapbooking, whether with the use of supplies I can touch and feel with my hands or with a mouse using digital medium is truly enjoyable.

Monday, March 01, 2010

A Pregnant Picture

I always say this is my second pregnancy, but that's not quite true. In reality, this is my fourth. #2 and #3 were miscarried and I still remember how devastated I was during those days.  With this 4th one, I took all the precautions.  I took a long leave of absence (3 months) before I went back to work.  My doctor made sure it was safe to go back to work.  I cried when I started spotting just like the previous two. Not again, I thought, and prayed so hard for it not to happen again.  Not when two days before I just saw my baby in an ultrasound waving her tiny hands as if to say, "hello, here I am...".  Not while I was alone in the apartment... DH was at the airport for a trip back home to the Philippines for our first born's 12th birthday.

I took one of my music boxes and put it next to my tummy and played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" over and over again, just to let my baby know I'm with her and will be with her all the way.  That seemed to ease the physical and emotional pains I was going through.

...and here I am.... in this picture.... 6 months pregnant with my fourth...

The leaves were cut out using a Martha Stewart puncher.

The flowers are Prima.  Sorry, I am one who does not take note of what supplies I use but I'm sure most of you recognize them.

I wish I could say the lace was made in the Philippines, but I am not really sure.  But I bought it there during my visit earlier this year.

The center of the Prima flowers are tiny ringlets that I crocheted.  Then I sewed the pearls in the center.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Year was 1972

I was very young then....never had any premonition I would be married to the boy next door, who I thought was never interested in me. Never had a thought I would have two kids to scrapbook for.

So yes... this was taken a long time ago... so long ago that I've forgotten the names of some of the people I've worked with.

I tried the technique of digital tearing.  I still need practice. But it looks OK, wouldn't you think so?

Credits: In Memory of Miles Kit; Jessica Bolton's striped papers & background paper;C.Edwards' bow & clip and journaling paper; FafBr's Unforgettable flowers