Sunday, October 28, 2007

Debutante of the Year

It will probably take me another week to finish a digital album of Stephanie's 18th birthday. This is one of 3 pages I have made so far. The other two have no journaling yet.

The party was held at a banquet hall in Schaumburg, IL. It was so "marangya".

DonnaMoore: Morning Sunshine tan ribbon & flower colored pink; floral paper; tan paper; CorreenSilke: We Escape beads; Lemonade Lucy: newspaper swirl; Font: Vladimir Script

Stephanie is Christina's first cousin once-removed. She is my husband Ed's sister's grand daughter; therefore, Stephanie's Dad and Christina, who are of the same generation, are first cousins. Stephanie is a cousin, one generation apart, hence, once-removed.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grandpapa Aqui

This is another picture I took in 1986 when I went home for a visit. My Grandma passed away 2 years after we left the Philippines. According to my Dad it was a big blow for my Grandpapa. I couldn't imagine how it feels to lose a mate after decades of being together. 'Papa endured it all.

BrandyHackman Stylize Scratched paper; Fonts: Times New Roman; Vladimir script; CinziaL - Beauty tag

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

4 IBARRA Generations

I found this photo among old pictures I kept in a plastic shoebox. This was taken in 1986, my first balik-bayan in five years. During that visit, it was so shocking to see how old my father [Cipriano] became during my absence. The brother [Julius] I left has married and has a son [LeeJay]. My grandfather [Aquilino] still strong as ever. In fact, we even went bowling during that visit.

Fonts: boldly go out [four]; you rook marbelous [pride]; Zenith Script [honor]; zodiastic [love]; Ænigma Scrawl 4 BRK [with]; Stencil OTC [3, husbands]; BN BenWitch Project [bound, generations]; Ultra Condensed sans 2 [remember, memories]; Vladimir script [family, fathers, sons]; xerox malfunction [4]; virgin [brothers]; times new roman-names

BlytheEvans-PineappleParadise paper #2[blue] & 3[orange]

Monday, October 22, 2007


Whenever I take a picture of my daughter, she makes faces. She goes cross-eyed, sticks out her tongue, or gives out a crooked smile. So, what to do with all those goofy pictures?

Supplies used: sequins, ric-rac, ProvoCraft diecut alpha, buttons, beads, DCWV cardstock and patterned papers.

Supplies used: Nana's Attic Foofaraw papers, flowers, ribbons, tag, lined paper

Fonts: Latchboy, Lucida Fax

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Graduation Album

I made a digital album for Aira, my husband's grandniece... who is kind enough to call me "Tita" [hehe].

Here are a few pictures... but the rest [all 41 pages which I made in one week] are found here.

Aira graduated the top of class 2007. The journaling I used is from her speech. I find it quite difficult to journal someone else's memories, especially because I wasn't there to celebrate this great milestone with her.

Most of the supplies I used were from Nana's Attic. I have yet to put the credits on each LO.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Heaven's Gift to Me

Oh, my! I really have neglected my blogspot. I just find myself spending a lot of time reading emails, blogs, and chatting on the internet.

I have just submitted my KAYA! 6 challenge entry tonight and am waiting for someone to upload it. Donna Espiritu came up with the challenge - the use of basic supplies: cardstocks, basic pens and pencils, glue, hand-cut titles, hand-written journaling, no store-bought embellishments, nothing fancy such as glitter, metallics, stamp inks. Regular glue, regular scissors...and everything has to be made with the use of these supplies.

The scenario is that I was shipwrecked and washed away on an island. I am alone except for a luggage with my scrapbooking supplies. Only the basic supplies survived the wreck.

I prepared my LO digitally first. I wanted to see how it will look like. The beauty of a digital LO is that I can change embellishments, move things around, add, delete, re-color as much as I want until I get the desired effect.

This is my digital version.

Supplies used:
Nana'sAttic: Muddled white swirl; black&white flowers; photoprong, and doodles;
Seishido brushes used on the background;
BrandieValenzuela brush flowers on the green cardstock;
Font: Helena Script ES
Photo mat: CraftFairy
Journaling: from the song "You Are Beautiful to Me" by Joe Cocker.
Photography by Tracy Whiteside.

Below is the traditional version. I have pictures of how I did the LO in my

Since we cannot use patterned papers, I drew my own patterns on the cardstock.

I hope the pictures I posted on my site will give you ideas of how to make an LO just using basic materials. You really do not have to buy fancy embellishments. You can make your own, you can make them simple or fancy.

Thank you for looking.