Friday, February 27, 2015

New Furniture for Lala

I thought I'd make a bookshelf for Lala first.  Some place where I can put her perfume bottles for now.  This I made out of a cereal box.  I plan to paint it white and pink on the weekend.

I found some beads and tiny toys which I placed on the shelves. The green and pink box is a piece of scrapbooking paper.  That's where I stashed the sweet treats for now.

I found this cuckoo clock 3d sticker in my stash of stickers when I was looking for items I could use on Lala's wall.  I made a small box behind it so it would stick out more.  Perfect!  Now, if only I have a nice wall for Lala.  But that has to wait till the weekend.

The white lamp really works! I found it at the dollar store.  However, it fits Barbie's desk more than it fits Lala's floor.  Sorry, Lala.  I have to give it to Barbie.

I plan to fill the basket with flowers or balls of yarn.  I found some ideas on Pinterest, but for now, Lala's friend just wants to have fun in it!

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